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Dear Scouts sisters and brothers,

I know that many from you have all informations, with this mail all have the same informations about Eurocamp22.

In the attachments you find all informations about the Eurocamp22 in Austria.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate and send an email to me, in case of travel send the mail to Katharina,

1) Reasons

2) Austrian Train, ÖBB

3) Campsong and link: Please test the song with your cups, scouts, rovers and leaders, we want to sing the song by the open and closing ceremony.

4) Merchandise

 5) Discription hikes and sightseeing.

6) Declaration of Registration

7) Registrierung in excel and excel free (ods). Please test the excel registation.

 Registration deadline is the 31 of March 2022.

If you want to stay longer, please note:

Per night self catering = 6 €

Per night with catering = 24 €

The supermarkets Billa and Spar are round 3,5 km and Hofer is round 5 km from the campside away.

Stay healthy.




Præsentation af lejren

Eurocamp 2022

30. July - 06. August 2022

se mere om steddet her..


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