Eurocamp 2022

30. July - 06. August 2022

se mere om steddet her..


What`s on:
• Saturday: Arrival and camp set up, Opening ceremony
• Sunday: Activities for Cups, Pioneering for Scouts and Rovers
• Monday: Activities for Cups, Scouts and Rovers at the camp
• Tuesday: Hikes and Trips
• Wednesday: Activities for Cups, „Salt“ activitie for Scouts and Rovers
• Thursday: Hikes and Trips
• Friday: International market, closing ceremony
• „Dorfplatz“ is a meeting point at the subcamp with a campfire


• English text with the words: Austria and Eurocamp22
• Chords for guitar
• Closing 20th of January 2021
• We need a jury, who will help us?
• Award: one member from the winnig group is free.

• We offer an onlineshop and a shop at the campside for merchandise.
• Each Saturday buses will drive between the campside and the
railwaystation Vöcklamarkt.

Camp Price:
187 € including food
127 € self-catering
Thank you for your interest in being a participant at the Eurocamp 2022
It will be a Pleasure to meet you there