27-29 September


Date:  27-29 September2024

Place: Kantara Youth Camp ( Kantara Gençlik Kampi)

Registration will be acceptedbetween 1 Februaryand 31 July2024.Pleaseregisterfromthelink below:

Participationfee is 65 Euro

T-shirt is extra,10 Euro

Participation fee must be deposited until 31 July2024 to the account specified below:


PLACE OF WORKSHOP:Kantara Gençlik Kampi

Mersinlik 99860

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How to get to Kantara?

There are three airports that you can arrive in Cyprus. Two are in South (Larnacaand PaphosAirports) and one is in the North (Nicosia ErcanAirport).

There is no public transportation from the airports directly going to the camp site. We will help you about transportation bystating phone numbers and prices of taxi services.

Note that you will need to cross the checkpoint if you travel to the airports in South.

Here are several ways that you can reach Kantara:

1. If you are coming to PaphosAirport: (app. 100 minutes from Paphosto Nicosia)

First you can take airport shuttle going to Nicosia (in South). Here is the link showing  the timetable and prices of shuttle: /


From Nicosia you can take a taxi to Kantara(app. 100 minutes)

Nicosia (southern part)-Kantaravito(7-8 people): 150 euro

Nicosia (southern part)-Kantarataxi (up to 4 people): 120 euro

Paphos-Kantaravito(7-8 people): 200 euro

Paphos-Kantarataxi (up to 4 people): 180 euro

2.   If you are coming to LarnacaAirport: (app. 90  minutes)

You can take a taxi or minibus from the airport to Kantara

Vito (7-8 people): 110 Euro

Taxi (up to 4 people): 90 Euro

3.   If you are coming to Nicosia (in North) ErcanAirport: (app. 75 minutes)

You can take a taxi or minibus from the airport to Kantara

Vito (7-8 people): 80 Euro

Taxi (up to 4 people): 60 Euro

Contact numbers for transportation : +90 0533 875 2574 ,  +90533 875 25 75, +90 533 866 10 20,  00357 999 51 128
Contact e-mail for  transportation :
If you need further assistance about transportation, you can contact us from the emails specified below:



Your stay will be in rooms with bunks. You should bring:

Sleeping bag / or bed sheets.

Towel (you can bring extra towel for beach)

Suncream/sun protection

You can arrive to camp site, on Friday (not earlier than Friday) and leave on Sunday.
There will be no extra stay in the campsite.

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ACTIVITIES Workshops will be held in two sessions which will be in the morning and in the afternoon. Each participant will choose two activites, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


Traditional rattan craft eg: tray, basket weaving etc.

Taditional chair canning

Making traditional tabouret (by using fennel plant )

Traditional Cypriot Folk Dancing


Macrame keychain tutorial

Coloring fabric with batic technique


We are looking forward to see you!